Busselton’s Best Casual Strategies For Making A No Strings Relationship Work

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Looking for hassle-free, casual sex in Busselton? Ask most guys and you’ll probably hear little objections to the idea of a no strings relationship with the hot girl of their dreams or the girl next door. Truth, of course, is not always as attractive as fiction, or as limber, or as needy. Your no strings relationship can easily turn sour for both of you at the slightest emotional misstep. Sometimes, friends with benefits comes with a price. The question is, how much are you willing to pay?

Believe it or not, it takes work to make a no strings relationship work. On paper, the concept seems perfectly engineered to afford both parties the maximum amount of sexual freedom with varying degrees of autonomy and rules of engagement mutually established. Two consenting adults, who share a mutual respect for each other as well as sexual chemistry, agree to provide each other with exclusive sexual privileges on mutually acceptable occasions, while maintaining their respective rights to engage in casual sex with other eligible hotties in and around Busselton, at their own discretion. You can agree on how often you hook up and even how long your arrangement will last. Having a reliable no strings sex partner is like having really great auto insurance. You’re always covered, so you can relax if you hit a snag on the way to your next destination.

Sadly, too many guys completely ruin a great opportunity to enjoy sex and be single simultaneously. Online dating sites are full of profiles of hot young women here in Busselton, Australia, who are specifically looking for a guy who’s down for a no strings relationship, but making it work can be trickier than finding the right partner for you risky sexual arrangement.

Don’t let a good hassle free relationship go to waste. Check out these casual strategies for how to make a no strings relationship work for you, rather than against you:

Choose a partner you respect. Even if you have no intentions of pursuing a relationship, your no strings sexual partner should be a woman whose privacy and reputation you respect enough to treat with dignity even if things go sour. If you choose someone you may be harboring undisclosed resentment towards, if you find yourself overlooking her choices and behavior because the sex is too great to pass up, sooner or later the novelty and thrill will wear off (or wear you out with a smile). If you both share a mutual respect for each other and your mutual acquaintances/friends, you’ll both be less likely to end the arrangement unceremoniously.

Be discreet about it. If you respect your no strings partner in crime, you’ll also maintain your discretion and avoid revealing your arrangement to anyone in your circle unless it’s necessary. Chances are if she agrees to a no strings relationship with you, she doesn’t want to discourage other eligible bachelors. You probably don’t want her advertising to all the women at the local casino that you’re both an item when you’re trying to score a phone number with a hot girl you met at the bar – and her college dorm roommates!

Don’t make regular plans. If you want to keep your relationship casual and hassle free, reserving time for a regular date could subconsciously become a routine you both fulfill because of its familiarity. If you’re seeing each other regularly, your steamy romance could quickly lose its lustre as familiarity and predictability set in. You need to keep the sexual tension interesting enough for her to want sex, not expect it.

Don’t discuss your dating life or hers. Resist any urge to open up about women you may interested in, and for pete’s sake don’t ask her about her date last Friday. If she takes your apparent lack of interest in her dating as a sign of indifference, then you’ll know it’s probably time to hit the break and make an exit from the ride. If she starts probing you for details about your love life, she could be trying to gauge your availability and interest in her. Set ground rules for discussing your love life that both of you can agree on as early as possible.

Don’t send mixed signals. It might have been the best sex of your natural young life, but telling a girl you’re casually seeing on a strict no strings basis could be a costly form of flattery. If you make exaggerated claims about your feelings when you’re alone with her, and then ignore her texts for three days, it sends a woman the wrong impression that you are either difficult or selfish and insensitive to her feelings. Even if your arrangement begins as a primarily physical convenience, feelings on either side can suddenly grow. Post break-ups can be emotionally confusing and trying to maintain a no-strings relationship when you’re still on the rebound can lead to a misguided transferral of emotions. If you suspect your feelings are intensifying, or that she might be receptive to seeing more of you, arrange to discuss it openly before sending her a three page email and then expressing regret over it a week later.